Andre’s Bio

André Liptay, creator of Augmented World, has over 15 years commercial art experience in both interactive and print design.  He has consulted and designed for top advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and major motion picture studios. He has a BFA in art studio from the University of New Mexico and a specialty degree from Platt Collage in multimedia design.  André has passion for emerging technologies.. He researches and imagines ways that technology will serve human factors. His designs attempt to combine fun, elegance, and sensibility, allowing people to experience a whole brand environment.

Andre’s Fine Arts training started at the Watts Atelier of the Arts in Encinitas, California. In order to build a solid drafting foundation, he studied figure drawing and painting. The concentrated, meditative state while doing figure studies, invokes a deep aspect of being for him. Andre moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011.  His audience consist of those that view science and myth as spaces for art to engage and explore.

André is working in a variety of media. He has an expressive style that ignites energy in his viewers. He is inspired by the work of abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock among other modernist, and desires to move past post-modernism into a neo-modernism framework, where art pushes the viewer to transcend, not deconstruct.  Recently, his work involves plexiglas in which he paints or uses a dripping method on the surface. This allows him to play on the edge of control. He finds the most compelling spaces are on this edge where intentions are guided but not controlled.

At the core of his art and design practice is the idea of transcendence. He believes that art should leave one with an intangible something the viewer wasn’t aware of before the experience, an idea, a mood, an emotion, not easily put into words. The best art gives the viewer back a piece of humanity, wrapped in a destiny that is just beyond their fingertips.