Augmented Reality for Sales Performance Support

by Hari Kumar

There’s a lot of hype around innovation: It can turnaround businesses. It differentiates you from your competitors. It is present inside everyone…Blah. Blah. Blah. The constant, all-pervasive, repetitive jargon around the word “innovation” has taken it to a point of banality. Ah, what a paradox!

Renowned market leaders like Intel, Siemens, Motorola, Apple, Google, Sony, General Electric, and so forth have always been ahead of their times. Just consider the fact that the average number of patents filed in America is around 23,000. If one was to identify a common trait among these innovative organizations, it is the use of technology.

Successful organizations are never scared of toying with new ideas, thinking the unthinkable, and bringing to reality what looks too forward-thinking to be true. Much like we are fascinated today by sci-fi movies that show people conjuring computer screens out of thin air, who could have thought that some 20 years ago that touch screens would be common place today?

Bottom line: Constant innovation is inevitable to withstanding competition. An organization that ceases to innovate will quickly lose out sales and market share. For example, consider the story of Kodak: After enjoying unrivalled position in the film-based business for several years, the industry leader lost out to the digital photography revolution (a technology that Kodak actually invented in 1975) simply because it was too complacent to change.

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Wowsomeapp uses augmented reality to bring wow factor in visual branding

In the good old yesteryears, each time a new shop or company was set up; it was promoted by word-of-mouth. Soon print advertising, followed by TV commercials, took over widening the reach of product and services promotions.

When the internet revolution happened in the early nineties, advertisements could actually be viewed online, without any geographical barrier. Just when individuals thought promotions couldn’t get any more interactive, augmented reality (AR) comes in.

No one perhaps thought of progress as the difficulty to differentiate between the real and virtual world. AR technology has been gaining immense popularity in the gaming sector the world over and given the huge thrust in its development in recent times, further growth cannot be ruled out.

This is exactly where Wowsome steps in, a rapidly growing Indian startup which uses mobile AR to help brands engage with their consumers by offering them real-time, interactive visual content on their mobile devices. A mobile AR app for iOS and Android, Wowsome aims to transform a user’s interaction with his or her surroundings. Currently, this app allows users to add stickers to their photographs that in turn can add props or popular celebrity images. Alongside, it allows brands to create AR sector advertisements.

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